What I Did in April


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

~Knitted two pairs of socks
~Finished my Ravilious blanket
~Unravelled half of my Ravilious blanket
~Bought some new old cutlery (see above)
~Spent a day in Oxford with Katie where she was ecstatic to find a Cath Kidston shop -
(Me 'Aren't these buildings beautiful?'  
Katie 'Oh my God, oh my God, a Cath Kidston shop!' 
Me ' Some of these colleges date from the 13th century you know'
Katie (flapping her hands like a demented hen) 'Oh what shall I buy? I don't know what to buy!'
Me 'Look at the carving on that arch'
Katie 'I'm getting this flowered cup, look it's plastic I can take it camping')
~Picked grape hyacinths and pulmonaria
~Admired my flowering currant
~Bought lots of bunches of daffodils
~Dried lots of washing outside
~Reorganised my kitchen
~Admired the shadow and light play on my kitchen counter as the evening sun streamed through the window
~Made egg sandwiches
~Made sardine sandwiches
~Taught George how to make toad-in-the-hole, Spanish omelette and cheese sauce*
~Breathed a big sigh of relief when Tom finished his GCSE art and wondered why the course seems to have been designed in such a way as to put students off art forever
~Said goodbye to winter at long last

*He cannot remember how to make any of these things now

Small Delights (II)


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Flowering currant, flowering.

Cupboard swap. The plates and glasses are now where the groceries were. Much better. Children and husband are getting to grips with it.

Laundry drying in the sunshine. Always a delight.

The Quince Tree is unfurling her leaves.

The granola tin has been replenished.

Beautiful packaging.

Sardine butter destined for sandwiches with cucumber but also good in a baked potato or stirred through pasta. Mash a tin of sardines with a lump of butter.

A new and successful supper dish. Mashed potato mixed with slow-fried onions, chunks of Brie in the middle baked until melting.

And the sun, at last the warm sun.

Tatty Blossom


Friday, 19 April 2013

7th April 2010
18th March 2011
25th March 2012
19th April 2013

You can see by these dates how late spring is this year.
Two years ago the cherry tree in my front garden was in full blossom a whole month earlier.
It was flowering on the 20th March 2000, the day I brought Katie home from hospital after her birth.
This week the blossoms finally opened to their fullest and almost immediately began to brown and drop and look tatty. The wind hasn't helped. The point where the tree becomes a cloud of pink is not going to come this year. It has been bypassed.

Here are some pictures of my tatty cherry blossom.

Last year the strong winds and rain in late April destroyed my quince tree's blossom and consequently the quince harvest. This year the quince tree is barely in leaf let alone blossom. I fervently hope that by the time it does flower the weather will have improved and I shall have quinces this autumn.


Many many thanks for all the advice about blocking my blanket. I think the difference in width is too great and am reworking the bottom third. It's all part of the creative process and I have a new book to listen to while I do it.

Tension Headache


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Here are some pictures of boiled eggs cooling in a bowl of water (for egg sandwiches). Nice aren't they?
I'm hoping they will distract you from the slight mess I have made of my Ravilious blanket.

The bottom edge is some eight inches wider than the top.
It's a tension issue rather than a mysterious multiplication of stitches. I counted to be sure.
I was fairly galloping along as I did the last four stripes. I was listening to Bring Up the Bodies by that time and my concentration was clearly on the machinations of the Tudor court rather than on my tension.
What to do?
On the one hand as this blanket is designed to be thrown over a sofa or someone's knees does it matter that it isn't perfect?
On the other hand I'm not really happy with it as it is. I love the way the colours and stripes work but I think I'm going to have to unravel back to the biscuit-coloured stripe and tighten up my tension before I will be satisfied. I will put a narrow border around it when I've really and truly finished it.

Someone asked if I'd unravelled the granny squares. Yes, I did, thrift is my middle name.

Simple Saturday Pleasures


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Early morning sun.

A bunch of daffs.

A pile of new cards for my fireplace patchwork.

Something sublime to listen to whilst crocheting.

Yes, this is my Ravilious blanket. It has undergone quite a transformation.

More Socks


Monday, 8 April 2013

My goodness sock knitting is addictive.
These are made from two 50g balls of Regia yarn 4 ply Mosaik 05560.
It was like knitting a spring garden.
They are too big for Katie who is modelling them here but they fit my wide feet perfectly.
I'd like to knit a shawl next, something like this perhaps but before I do I think I will attend to my neglected crochet.

April Posy


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Slim pickings indeed this month.
The spring sunshine makes the most of what there is.



Monday, 1 April 2013

This pair of socks is dedicated with my thanks to Ali who helped me choose the yarn, advised on needle size and leant me a pattern, and to Kristina who inspired me when she gave me a pair of handknitted socks and assured me that I'd be able to knit my own. Also grateful thanks to Lizzie who left a comment explaining how to avoid laddering -most useful Lizzie.

They are not perfect by any means. The toes have pointy lumps and grafting was tricky. The cast on edge is raggedy and the knitting uneven in places. But they have turned out much better than I anticipated and I know my next pair will be an improvement.

I've always regarded myself as a non-knitter but now I am not so sure. My sock knitting experiment has been so enjoyable and rewarding that I feel ready for more knitting adventures.

Before I cast on my next pair of socks though here is my March sampler. March has been an inspiring month for me -meetings with creative blogging friends and a new skill learnt. I do wish it had been a bit warmer and springlike though. Here's hoping for some proper spring weather in April.

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